Trentino of wine: The Wines of Eredi Cobelli Aldo - Gess, Grill, Arlevo, Nosiol, Aldo

In Sorni di Lavis, there are those who drink and those who are moved.

Gess Gewürztraminer DOC Trentino, Grill Teroldego DOC Trentino SORNI ROSSO, Arlevo Chardonnay DOC Trentino SORNI BIANCO, Nosiol Nosiola, Aldo Spumante traditional method aged 50 months on yeasts: these are the five wines that come from the vineyards of the Azienda Agricola Eredi Cobelli, the result of the work and the passion of the Family of Trentino winemakers  - in the countryside as in the wine cellar. Each bottle is the result of the strong link with the territory and passion for the art of winemaking. Wines are born of the vineyards, a unique combination of the process of understanding the relationships the plant has with the environment in which it grows and with its winemaker, with the aim to obtain quality grapes.