Gess is produced exclusively from the Gewürztraminer grape variety. The name, Gess, links the wine with the land: Gess is nothing else than the literal translation of the Italian word "Gesso", chalk. 

Our vineyards lie almost entirely on a chalk vein which was clearly visible during the times when the area was designated for the extraction of this material. Nowadays, no marks remain of the mine. 
The vineyards from which Gess is produced were planted in 1970 with a yield of 5000-6000 kg per hectare.

To preserve the integrity of the grapes and to allow for the best grapes to be carefully selected, the harvesting is done by hand and the grapes laid in small crates. Limiting the contact with oxygen, the pressed product ferments in a stainless steel container. It will stay there for almost a year during the winter and the summer season to reach maturation and the right stability.

Our hope lies in the fact that the body of the wine will help it evolve over time to obtain a long lasting Gewürztraminer.