The idea of ​​Arlevo stems from the desire to use a grape variety as a means to talk about our terroir, to use the grapevine as a means to bring the history of chalk from Sorni’s hills into a bottle.  

Arlevo is a dialect word which in our area means “the child”, not only in the strict sense of the term but in the complexity of raising this creature born from the love of his family. 

The vineyard is located at an altitude of 400 m asl and the yield reaches about 7000-8000 kg per hectare. 

To preserve the integrity and allow for the selection of the grapes they are harvested by hand and laid in bins. The pressed must ferments in used oak barrels (third reuse). There it remains for around 10 months. It rests for another 4 months in steel containers before being bottled. 

Our hope is that the structure, given by the characteristics of the soil and climate of the area, will help "ARLEVO" to grow well and mature over time just like a good child.