Our idea of wine

From Trentino’s vineyards to the wine cellar

From the vineyards of Trentino to the wine cellar: how the wines of Eredi di Cobelli Aldo take shape
The fundamental work is done in the fields: among the SORNI vineyards in the heart of Trentino.
 From the moment of the "tears" - awakening (guttation) - of the vineyard to the harvest everything must be considered in the smallest details, with the aim of obtaining quality grapes while respecting the balance of the vineyard and the surrounding environment.

During the PRUNING process the best branches are carefully selected trying to maintain the continuity of the lymphatic vessels, avoiding overly intrusive cuts.

With the SUCKERING only gems in the best conditions are chosen considering also the pruning of the following year. To have an enduring and healthy vineyard we must always take into account that our work will have an effect both on the current year and on future ones.

Subsequently the SFEMINELLATURA takes place, i.e. the elimination of the femminelle (secondary side shoots that are formed on the new branches). They are eliminated to allow for good air circulation around the vines and to give more light to the grapes during their growth.

SHAPING OF the vegetative apices. The tips of the shoots are not cut but twisted along the last line of the pergola. This work aims to maintain an unaltered vegetative balance within the vine. Cutting the shoots would trigger secondary reactions that affect the correct maturation of the grapes and lead to the formation of new lateral shoots very susceptible to late attacks of peronospora.

The HARVEST is done  by hand where the healthiest grapes are selected. The harvest is a moment of celebration, the arrival point of a year full of sacrifice and passion.
The grape is first of all a fruit, fruit of the vine and the fruit of our love in cultivating the vineyard.

From here the work in the cellar - called vinification - begins. We work with dedication to accompany the grapes to become wine. As with a child, our job is to check that everything goes well without imposing our obligations and our desires but understanding what the wine’s needs are during its fermentation.