The wine cellar

When constructing of the wine cellar we wanted to keep the historical traits of the Maso intact in order to maintain the balance between work, family and culture, an essential feature when talking about the terroir.

The room where the grapes are processed was originally the family's old stable until 1986. It has been completely refurbished, inspired by the underlying idea of keeping the original structural features unaltered resulting in a functional, characterful and unique environment.

The cellar is connected to the tasting room which is located in the old family cellar. The site’s history is still visible here. The old door,standing and witnessing the comings and goings, shows the marks of the passing years on its wood. The window, despite being bricked up, still shows the original grille and brings to mind the times when the sun shone through its jambs. Old, immovable writing has withstood attempts to cover it over time and its meaning remains a mystery yet to be solved.

The place where time stands still is the "Caneva Fonda". This is the room full of memories. A small underground “cave” that can be reached by descending a steep staircase. This room was designed in historical times as an ice-house. Subsequently turned into a storage room for cured meats and raw materials. Finally it became a place of conviviality. A magical place where words become thoughts and wine allows the importance of friendship and companionship to be rediscovered.