Maso Panizza

The story of Maso Panizza: between legend and reality

The official location and the heart of the Azienda Agricola Eredi of Cobelli Aldo is Maso Panizza di Sopra - the childhood home of the Cobelli Family, situated  in Sornì di Lavis along the ancient Wine Route at about 400 meters above sea level. Every inch of Maso Panizza is a page of the dream-tale of the Azienda Agricola Eredi di Cobelli Aldo. Visiting the winery represents an exciting journey through time, between ancient traditions and mysterious legends.

Over the centuries, Maso Panizza di Sopra has been a meeting place for different cultures as well as the stage for both minor and major historical events. It probably belonged to the Jesuits in the seventeenth century: even if the first historical documentation concerning the Maso dates back to the land cadastre of 1810. Labelled as "Sorni di Sopra", it was owned by Candido Banal. It consisted of a Rural House with stables and courtyard. In 1855, the Maso became property of the noble Domenico de Panizza di Taio from whom it later took its name. In the middle of the nineteenth century the Cobelli and Moser Families moved to the Maso and still live there today. Parallel to written records, there is also space for the oral tradition handed down from generation to generation. The story that has survived until present day tells of the owner of the Maso, a doctor, who was forced to flee because he was caught producing fake medical certificates for citizens allowing them to obtain leave from military service.

There are many links with the rural tradition of the past at Maso Panizza di Sopra. On the façade an old bell used as a communication system in case of danger and to call people working in the fields is still present.

In the old family cellar, a number written with blood has been waiting for years for someone to reveal its meaning. On an old wooden barrel - today converted to a storage space - writings are carved on the staves, barely visible and with an unclear meaning. Some people link the writings with the family initials, others with the price of the barrel or with information about the wine once contained inside.  Anyone who has come or will come by Maso Panizza has contributed to solving these mysteries.

"We feel in some measure that these signs are a link with our history and a kind of key to our future. Many visionaries can see the initials of our names, Devis, Tiziano, and Ivano, almost as a sign put there waiting for somebody to translate into something real. We will be happy to welcome you in our cellar and share with you all the magic and charm of Maso Panizza "