Our Rooms

Agriturismo Cobei - bed&break wine

For a stay in Trentino: Agriturismo Cobei - bed & break wine

In the rooms of the Agriturismo Cobei - bed & break wine - not a single moment is the same. Contact with the land, a walk through the vineyards, moments of silence observing the Piana Rotaliana from a vantage point, will lead you to look at yourself from the outside, to understand yourself better from the inside.

5 themed rooms, well-finished in every detail with design elements, and dedicated to the agricultural world:

  • The Vine Room: built with old reused wood and with vineyard elements to immerse the guest in the magical world of Trentino’s "viticultura".

  • The Gess room: here we wanted to recreate the stratigraphy of our land using 3 different types of oak.

  • The Caneva Room: all furnished in oak including old, reclaimed barrels to give a touch of the winemaker to the room.

  • The vineyard Room: the furniture in birch wood, a slim plant, elegant and present in the woods surrounding the winery.

  • The apple tree Room: the use of apple wood was a must, a very cultivated plant in Trentino. All furnishings and details of furniture are made of apple wood.

Take the time to live a unique experience among the vineyards of Trentino.